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We use best practices as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility


We are aware of the effects that companies have on environment and society. For this reason, we do our best to minimise any negative influence of entrepreneurship. At the same time, we provide our employees with such working conditions that favour their self-development.

Human capital

We treat our employees with due respect and try to develop positive relationships among our team members.

We work as a team. Every month we organise meetings where we inform our staff about the company’s current position. We collect opinions and ideas to plan our future steps. We manage our institution with our whole team.

We provide optimal conditions. We arrange our workplace so as to allow for effective and comfortable work. We buy such furniture that fits each employee’s body posture and such monitors that are easy on the eyes. We provide modern sanitary facilities and safe working conditions. We urge our employees to take regular work breaks.

We support self-development. We analyse if and when our employees need any courses and provide them with multiple training possibilities. We promote an active lifestyle and healthy food.

Environmental protection

We are convinced that every company – even if it is very small – ought to be aware of its impact on the environment. We attempt to reduce the amount of energy we use and rubbish we produce.

We are green. We use energy-saving bulbs and try to turn off any devices that we are not currently using.

We save resources. We print documents only if necessary and use double-sided printing. We try not to use any disposable packaging in our office. We encourage our employees to switch to public transport and drive eco-friendly.

We support recycling. We segregate waste or have it recycled. We dispose our used electronics at special electronic recycling depots. In this way, many sub-assemblies and materials can be reclaimed.

Ethical business

We believe that all fair competition supports the economic growth. Our customers trust us because our business is transparent and based on best practices.

Our information is transparent. We present our offer in a precise manner and take no actions unless all necessary contracts have been signed. We square accounts conscientiously and operate within the law. We inform our customers about all our actions and do not conceal any possible additional costs.

We are competent. All our employees are qualified high-class specialists. No commissions are ever given to persons who are not qualified enough. We conduct audits in order to verify the efficiency of our customer service.

We support fair competition. We use only best practices to acquire information, advertise our services and perform SEO tasks.

Social activity

We use our scope and resources to help the needy and help preserve cultural heritage.

We donate to charity. We support the action “Help the Children Survive Winter” and the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

We help preserve historical places. We cooperate with the Austrian Black Cross, the Society for European Cooperation and local authorities in order to help them restore and preserve war cemeteries. We have managed to fully restore nineteen burial grounds so far.

We encourage our partners, customers and competitors to implement similar practices.

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